About Us

Hemp Healthy is a health care supplement company that is focused on bringing to market the highest quality hemp extract products available.  Our company is lead by a team of physicians, healthcare executives, farmers and manufacturers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce premium hemp extract products designed to improve the health and well-being of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and is the driving force behind our continuous effort to improve the quality of our products, so our customers can always trust in our brand and will always get the best possible results

How We Do It

We accomplish our mission by managing the hemp extract production process from seed to sale.  Our farmers start the process by planting A+ grade seeds in the ground and allow the plants to grow naturally.  We harvest the plants when they are mature and not a day sooner.  The plants are then shipped to our processing plant, where they will go through a curing and oil extraction process.  The extracted oil is lab tested for quality assurance and then formulated for production and packaging.

Hemp Healthy Mission


Lab tested & certified, backed by physicians


Affordable for everyday use


100% money back guarantee

We provide our customers with batch test certificates of quality assurance and lab test results, so you can trust what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.