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How Our Hemp Extract Practitioner Affiliate Program Works

Here's why our practitioners love our simple program.


Affiliates sign up and receive personalized accounts. We provide you a unique link, marketing materials and a customer service rep to help make offering hemp extract easy.


The customer clicks the affiliate link and lands on the Hemp Healthy site. The customer loves our products combined with your recommendation and buys loads of them!


You continue ongoing health talks with your client to ensure they are using, and benefiting, from hemp extract as directed.

A No Hassle Way to Promote Hemp Extract

  • 1
    Our Product is legal in all 50 states
  • 2
    our Extract is hemp- (not Marijuana) Derived
  • 3
    Our Products are 3rd-Party Lab Tested
  • 4
    We Utilize Good Manufacturing Practices
  • 5
    Physicians Recommend our products
  • 6
    Superior Prices. Better Products
  • 7
    No inventory. no upfront costs

The Hemp Healthy Mission

Stand behind a company and products you can trust.


Lab tested & certified,
recommended by physicians


Affordable for
everyday use


100% money
back guarantee

What is an Affiliate?

The Hemp Healthy practitioner affiliate program is a way for practitioners (and practitioner representatives)  to make a recommendation for health and wellness products they support.

Rather than creating products on your own, you partner with our brand based on trust, quality control, and customer service to ensure your patients are taken care of with leading healthcare supplements.

Who You Are

We work hard to ensure we have an industry-leading product so that our customers can benefit from hemp extract. As such, we are selective in who we partner with and want to ensure those who endorse Hemp Healthy share similar commitments to health and wellness.

MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs 

MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, and other practitioners who understand and recommend the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (hemp extract).


Wellness practitioners are healthcare professionals including massage therapists, alternative medicine providers, nutritionists and counselors.


Office managers, consultants, and other professionals who work closely with practitioners can also help deliver the amazing results of hemp extract to their network.

Hemp Healthy Affiliate Practitioner Testimonial

"We were already recommending Hemp Healthy hemp extract products before I found out about their affiliate program. Because I believe in the brand and their products, it was a natural extension of my practice to turn our patients on to the wellness benefits hemp extract offers and the affiliate program is the perfect way to do so."

Dr. Celestino Santi

Practitioner Affiliate Hemp Extract FAQ

Here are some common questions about our affiliate program.

What is the Hemp Healthy Affiliate Program?

How Does the Hemp Healthy Program Work?

What Happens After I Am Accepted?

Who Generally Qualifies as a Hemp Healthy Practitioner Affiliate Partner?

Is there a cost to join the program?

Can Affiliates Outside the US Join?

Do you require affiliates have a website?

Can I get access to reports on my referrals?

Where do the affiliate links go?

do you provide any marketing materials?

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