Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil in 750, 1500, 3000, and 6000 mgs. Enjoy the health and healing benefits of mother nature in premium Hemp Extract oil products. With Hemp Plus


With Hemp Extract PlusHemp Extract Plus is our line of premium Hemp Extract products made available through a proprietary extraction process, yielding maximum cannabinoid retention and maintaining the full entourage effect.

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil is naturally-grown at our Oregon farms, raised from seed, and farmed using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We only harvest our hemp plants at full maturity before cultivating them and processing them for maximum enjoyment by you, our beloved consumers.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract means that the product has a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. This whole plant extraction method has been studied and thought to help with the “entourage effect,” or the synergistic effect between the compounds in the hemp plant.

While the choice between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate Hemp Extract products are highly subjective, an Israeli study published in 2015 concluded that the synergy of a full spectrum product are most effective. Broad spectrum products are limited in the cannabinoid profile, and most of them have THC completely removed. With an isolate product, only the compound cannabidiol is left, and should only register in a profile test for hemp extract.

So, how do you know which cannabinoids are in the products you consume? At Hemp Healthy, we perform third-party lab tests on all of our batches so we, and you, know exactly what is in them. We also clearly mark the type of product clearly on the label so you know exactly what you are buying.

Made from Natural Hemp Seed Oil and Full Spectrum Rich Hemp Hemp Extract Oil

What Does Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Taste Like?

Our Hemp Healthy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil has been said to taste nutty, earthy, and piney, with hints of sweetness. Because the tincture product is taken under the tongue and left to diffuse into the bloodstream for the desired effects, you’ll get a full taste of the product. The product is natural, so you’ll be tasting the compounds that Mother Nature created. If you’re like us, you’ll simply love the taste. If you find it less than palatable, you can still get the desired effects of the oil by mixing it with a drink or your food.

Hemp to Hemp Extract Farming Process

We begin the journey at our US-based partner farms, selecting the highest quality seeds to ensure our final product is rooted in the best seedlings nature has to offer. After planting, we patiently allow our plants to grow naturally in the sun, and harvest them only when they are fully mature and not a moment earlier.

The mature plants are then dried and processed using Good Manufacturing Practices. Our processed Hemp Extract oil is then lab tested for cannabinoid content and certified by a third party so we know exactly what is in each batch. When it arrives on your doorstep, you can trace your bottle back to the batch it came from to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

What’s the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil and Hemp Extract Isolate?

Hemp Extract is processed several different ways, some of which remove some of the naturally occurring plant compounds from the original hemp plant. Whole plant Hemp Extract is referred to as “full spectrum Hemp Extract Oil,” meaning it contains a wide range of cannabinoids in addition to Hemp Extract. When select compounds are intentionally removed, you have what is called “broad spectrum Hemp Extract.” If you isolate the Hemp compound you are left with “Hemp Extract isolate,” as the name suggests.

The option between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate is highly subjective, but many people prefer full spectrum Hemp Extract products because some research suggests that the compounds in the plant create a synergistic effect, also known as the “entourage effect.”

Common Terpenes in our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

  • Alpha-bisabolol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Guaiol
  • Humulene

Alpha-bisabolol is known for its aromatic floral scent, but what really sets it apart is research that suggests it has noticeable painkilling, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory effects. Scientists have recently discovered Alpha-bisabolol can synergize with other antibiotics, helping them to fight common bacteria like E. coli and S. aureus. Further, this magic terpene downregulates iNOS and COX-2 genes through the inhibition of NF-κB and AP-1 (ERK and p38) signaling, which is a scientific way of saying it has soothing anti-inflammatory effects. Finally, alpha-bisabolol has shown medicinal effects of a relaxant, which is why this Hemp Extract product has been noted to be particularly effective for those with anxiety or sleep issues.

Caryophyllene is a terpene often found in spices such as cinnamon, black pepper,  and cloves as well within your favorite herbs such as rosemary, basil, and oregano. Caryophyllene is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, with a natural liking towards the peripheral CB2 receptors. In addition to potential anti-inflammatory benefits, this vibrant terpene has shown potential benefits as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant and has even shown promise as an anti-alcohol craving substance.

Guaiol presents the piney aroma that this product is known for. This terpene, like the others, also has been shown to present anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Humulene also has woody, earthy and spicy notes. This terpene is also found in spices and herbs such as clove and basil. Interestingly, humulene has been shown to act as an appetite suppressant and has several potential medicinal benefits: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief.

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5 reviews for Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Florence Atwater

    I did quite a bit of research on this brand before purchasing this product. I saw a display case at my doctor’s office and picked up a brochure. Normally, I use Bluebird or Green Roads, whatever is on sale hehee, as I didnt think there were much difference between hemp extract brands. As usaul, my doctor was right and told me then endorse hemp healthy because of the lab testing and natrual growing processes.

  2. folorentorium

    I consider this product to be truly special.

  3. Pete Yoder

    I am very excited to have been introduced to the Hemp Healthy line of hemp extract products by my doctor. I had some issues sleeping — falling and staying asleep — and she recommended this brand along with some other therapies. I told her that I did not want to get a prescription-based medication for my sleep issues and she said to try hemp extract along with some melatonin supplements. I tried the melatonin for a while, then my Hemp Healthy product came in. I only take this now and I have been sleeping great and have been able to manage stress at work much more although I am not sure if that is just because of the improved sleep I have been getting.

  4. Zachary Gabel

    I absolutely love this product. I tried CW hemp extract for a while but the Hemp Healthy line is by-far more ideal and you get more hemp extract for your buck.

  5. Philip Lemore

    Crazy how different hemp extract brands on the market do different things! I’ve tried 3 over the counter hemp extract products and nothing compares to Hemp Healthy’s hemp extract oil. They definitely do what their marketing says they do. This stuff works. When comparing lab tests to others, they have more hemp extract and other Hemp plant ingredients that have an incredible effect on my lack of sleep and anxiety.

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